The best kept secrets in social media

jeremy-bishop-120791-unsplashWhen is the best time to post? Should my business be on Facebook? What about Snapchat? What’s an Instagram story?

Keeping up with the pace of changes in social media — from the platforms to the features and functions — can feel like climbing a mountain. It seems like every day there’s news about an algorithm change or some new trend to chase.

The best kept secrets in social media aren’t really secrets. The same things that worked before still work now.

  • Focus on channels where your customers are
  • Start with one and knock it out of the park
  • Share content that’s engaging and fun
  • Respond to your customers and help them when they need it


If you’re in an industry that’s generally misunderstood, an educational approach can be really effective and help you stand out from the competition. Be honest and authentic in your approach to content and make sure you’ve got your customers in mind. If you’re not sure where to start, ask customer service. They can tell you what the top questions are. It’s a logical place to pull together some insights that will become core pieces of your content strategy.


Become a thought leader by sharing industry news and trends through your social media channels. Tell your customers what’s going on so they know they can go to you for the nitty gritty and avoid the stress of the unknown. Take the reins back from the rumour mill and build a reputation for being “in the know.”


There is certainly enough criticism that “highlight reel” on social media has you comparing your worst days to someone else’s best. Inspiration can come from the good times and the not-so-good ones. Help your customers feel better about themselves through the lens of your business. One word of advice is to make sure you stick to topics that connect to and are relevant for your business. Inspirational quotes are engagement magnets. People love to help other people and this can be an effective way to do it!

Your story gets better when someone else tells it. Who’s telling yours?

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