Does social media seem like a mystery to you?

Did you know that social media is the #1 channel for influencing purchase decisions?

In the rushed life of a busy entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to go through your day and wonder where the time went, despite your best intentions for finding time to finally get on top of your social media accounts and use them to strategically to grow your business.

My name is Kelly Thibodeau.

I spent more than a decade inside of one of Canada’s largest international insurance and financial services organizations. I launched and led the social media strategy there, including developing strategies to support customers, financial advisors, employees and executives.

Since then, I’ve helped entrepreneurs, non-profits and community groups elevate their social media programs and tell stories that resonate with the audiences that mean the most to them.

I know how it works inside of big business and I can help you too.

I started Squarely Social because I saw an opportunity to help business do better. I build systems that businesses use to create a cohesive brand presence across digital channels — with a focus on social media — by focusing on trust, relationships, shared values and lasting success.

Although some could say that I’m not your traditional marketer, my experience is drawn from a deep understanding of digital communications and user-centred design principles. I’m a Certified Usability Analyst and I know how to combine marketing strategy with a customer-first philosophy that will grow your business.

My experience has shown me that curiosity, empathy and integrity stand out in today’s marketplace.

I want to look you squarely in the eye and firmly shake your hand — from the time we first meet and for years to come.

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