About us

At Squarely Social, we’re here to help you start designing online marketing strategies that connect with your customers. It’s not magic. It’s not luck. It’s about people and connection.

We work with marketing teams in small and large organizations to help them transform social media from a standalone pain point to a connected cornerstone of a high-performing online marketing strategy. 

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We're in business because trust is at the heart of everything.

Meet our founder, Kelly Thibodeau

I’ve spent more than 25 years in a corporate environment and I’ve worked with companies from consultants to software to insurance and financial services. I helped launch and grow the social media strategy for one of the leading global financial providers and since then I’ve worked with non-profits, industry organizations and tech companies.

What I’ve learned is that social media is about trust, change and communication. It’s about thinking differently and doing things differently.

I’m a Digital & Social Media Marketing instructor at the University of Winnipeg and I’m a Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International. I also hold a Management Certificate.

Some other things we've learned

Social media is one of the best channels to listen to what your customers are saying. Whatever your company promises in one channel, it must be able to deliver in another. Trust is hard won, but easily lost.

Most companies are great at talking about what they do, but haven’t spent enough time showing it. Marketing is shifting towards building great customer experiences and social media gets people talking. It’s all a connected ecosystem and one channel doesn’t live or die in its own silo (disappointed with your online conversion rates? Use numbers and data to shine a spotlight on the problem, and fix it where it lives instead of throwing more money at your Facebook ads).

Be present in the channels where your customers spend time (and if you’ve got a website, you better be paying attention to SEO (search engine optimization).

How we can help you get to the next level

You might be finding yourself in a couple of places right now. Either way, you’re probably feeling unsure about everything and might even be ready to pull the plug or convince yourself that you don’t need a social media marketing strategy to do business. After all, if other people manage to do it, why can’t you?

Social media is about you becoming part of the conversation that’s already happening. You might as well get in the room.

And if you think social media is just about content, it’s not. It’s about building efficient systems that free up your time and your energy for building community and better relationships.

Because after all, social media is about being social.

What’s changed since COVID-19?

The good news is — not much!


Online is our way of doing things, so although we’ve made Zoom our second home, we’re open for business and following public health recommendations.


We believe that as communities come together, anything is possible. When we use technology to come together online, we’ll build connections in ways we never knew possible.