Our Accessibility Statement

Updated December 2022

Squarely Social is committed to ensuring that our website and social media content is accessible by disabled people. 

We believe that content can’t be conversational until it’s inclusive, and we believe conversations are deeper and more meaningful by bringing diverse people and perspectives together.

We believe practice makes permanent, that small starts are better than not starting at all, and that no single person has all the answers. Learning, unlearning and course correcting are part of our collective journeys.

We put these ideas into action by:

  • Investing in our team’s knowledge of accessibility and building accessibility into our code of ethics
  • Designing our products and services to be accessible by:
    • Integrating accessibility practices into our process
    • Advocating for accessible social media and website content as a core tenet in all the work we do
    • Working closely with accessibility consultants throughout the project lifecycle
    • Ensuring closed captions are available in all virtual meetings, trainings and collaborations and providing transcripts and alternate formats on request
    • Creating and maintaining a content guide for our contributors and employees to follow best practices for inclusive images, content and language
  • Ensuring our website is accessible by:


If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the accessibility of this website or our products, please email us at info {at} squarelyaccessible.com or fill out our contact form. We will respond within 72-hours to any accessibility related issues on the site and will do what we can to improve your experience on our website.