SEO Copywriting Certificate Program

Get your website content found in search.

Tired of wasting your time writing blog posts? Step up to a strategy that scales. The SEO Copywriting Certificate Training Program will demystify SEO and transform how you plan and write blogs.

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Class starts spring 2023.

Stop staring at a blinking cursor.

You started a blog, published a few posts every week, then every other week, then every month, then once or twice a year.


You waited for the promised traffic, in hopes of growing your audience and getting leads that turned into real business growth.


But you got crickets instead.


You Googled your website, looking for a change in rank that never came, got frustrated and gave up.


And you resigned yourself to the idea that doing what it takes to get your website ranked in search is complicated, out of reach and not worth it.

It's time to get strategic about your blog content.

Search engine optimization brings steady, predictable, consistent high-quality traffic to your website that you can count on.


It’s the heartbeat of your content marketing strategy and it brings the right people to your website so your brand is all they’re thinking about.


Blogs are about building trust and building relationships.


When SEO copywriting is working, you know what people are searching for, why they’re searching for it, and you know how to write copy that speaks to them.


You’re not worried about the algorithm because you have the confidence to know that the kind of content you’re creating is algorithm-proof.

The SEO Copywriting Certificate Training Program is designed to demystify SEO and get it working for your website.

Knowing how to use keywords is only 1 part of SEO. 


First, you have to understand who your audience is, what they’re looking for and how you can help them.


Then, it’s about creating a plan for delivering high-quality content that builds topic authority in your niche and taking steps to tap into SEO opportunities on (and off) your website.

What you'll get

Drawing of a computer screen with video participants

Live online group sessions.

One live 3-hour session each week for 3 weeks to learn core concepts and apply your knowledge through practical exercises and small group activities.


Illustration of a person standing in front of a document with a green checkmark

Pre-reading and homework to help you prep.

Access to pre-reading and activities before the program starts to help you get the most out of the live sessions.

An illustration of 3 documents with a green checkmark

Post-program assessments.

Real-time feedback on the deliverables you’re creating.

Online 1 on 1 consultations.

A consulting call with Kelly to answer your questions and help you move your organization forward.

Here's our agenda

Week 1: Get organized. Learn the fundamentals.

In this first class, you’ll learn what SEO is and what it isn’t. You’ll learn what the benefits are and what you can expect to get out of it.


Week 2: Get out there. Put your new knowledge to work.

After this class, you’ll learn how to conduct keyword research and what tools to use. You’ll build a keyword list in real time that you can integrate into an editorial calendar and use to start creating high-quality content.


Week 3: Get ahead. Craft content that gets noticed.

In this class, you’ll learn how to identify topics and develop content pillars for your organization. You’ll learn how to create blog posts that are easy to write and inviting to read. And you’ll learn how to tell what’s working and what’ s not.


Week 4: Get coached.

This is where you get one on one time with your instructor. Get professional guidance you can put to work, get answers to help you fill in the gaps and get ready to share your new SEO strategy!


Classes are small so you get an intimate, customized learning experience that helps you get the most out of the program.


Join the first cohort in this signature program! The program starts spring 2023.


The cost for the course is $975.00 CDN. 


Kelly Thibodeau headshot

About your instructor: Kelly Thibodeau

I believe search is about humans, not robots.

I started Squarely Social on a mission to help small governments, nonprofits and business leaders engage with the people who matter most to them. Today, those places are digital places. 


I believe that customers want to do business with companies that value the relationship as much (or more) than the transaction and that curiosity, empathy and integrity make you stand out in today’s marketplace.


After a corporate marketing career inside a large, international financial services organization, I know it takes an open mind, persistence and commitment to find the systems that work. I’ve been helping organizations learn how to connect with their audiences and grow since 2011. 


I love people and I love learning. I’ve been an instructor in post-secondary education at the University of Winnipeg, Red River College and Simon Fraser University. I’ve taught dozens of workshops, coached people one on one and delivered keynotes to large audiences.

What workshop participants have said

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It was highly relevant, applicable and interesting. Thank you for this!"
Workshop participant, How to Create Content Your People are Searching For

"The keywords search was a total gamechanger!"

Workshop participant, Blog Writing, Planning and How to Reuse Blog Content in Social Media

Frequently asked questions

Is the SEO Copywriting Certificate Program a self-paced course?

No. Pre-reading is sent to you about 1 week before each class so you have time to dive deep into the work, and then get together in the live, instructor-led virtual sessions to apply your learning.


When are classes held?

Each weekly workshop is on Wednesday mornings from 9:00am to 12:00pm CST.


Are classes recorded?

Yes! If you can’t make the live sessions, recordings are available.


Can I actually use the templates or are they PDFs I have to print?

All of the templates you’ll use are fully editable documents. No need to print or make extra digital copies. 


When do I get the certificate?

When you complete your organization’s SEO copywriting strategy and have your 1-on-1 consultation session with me, you’ll receive a certificate to recognize the time and work you’ve invested!