Our Services

We have experience supporting large and small organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking for a leg up in transforming their digital marketing program. Need help formalizing your social media practices? Looking for help with your LinkedIn profile? Need an awesome speaker for your next event? We can help with all of that.


Content strategy

If your business is new to online marketing, this work is tailored to help you navigate the way forward. We’ll guide you with how and when to involve important business stakeholders including your HR department, legal or regulatory teams, media and public relations and any other key decision makers.

We’ll be your expert guides, bringing the benefit of someone outside your organization to the inside of your online marketing strategy.

  • Identifying your audience, goals and opportunities
  • Reviewing what’s working, what’s not and who’s involved
  • Building and aligning the way forward

Workshops & training

Don’t settle for generic, one-size-fits-all training courses. These custom workshops are delivered straight to your marketing team to help mentor your in-house talent. We’ll use relevant examples tailored for your industry with practical examples your team can use right away. If you’re interested in including a roll-up-your-sleeves hands-on session, we can do that too!



If you’re tired of bootstrapping your way through social media, we can help. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and then show you how to create content that keeps your customers coming back. We don’t look at social media in a silo. We make sure it’s a cohesive part of your overall content marketing strategy.

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