Consulting + Mentoring

You launched your business – now what? Whether you’re not sure what platforms to put your energy into or you’re feeling overwhelmed, mentoring can help calm the chaos. 

Get strategic, find your voice and learn to listen so your audience pays attention.

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How it works

Open up

We start by getting you talking. We want to find out more about you, your wins, your struggles and your vision. Let’s work together to identify your main goals and start designing a plan that helps your business connect with your ideal audiences online and doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Get creative and messy

Discovering your brand story doesn’t start with articulating a perfectly cohesive phrase. Be willing to brainstorm. Find the value in any idea that comes to mind and write it down.

Lean on us

We’ll be with you every step of the way. Every other week, we’ll meet for one hour to assess your progress and troubleshoot any issues. On the off-weeks, we’ll be here for you as you try out the new ideas.

Hit the books!

Work through templates, assignments, and other exploration tasks. We’re always here to review your work and help you over any stumbling blocks.

Some of the things we can work on together;

  • Brand assets you’ll use every day in your business — your bio, templates and signatures
  • Defining your brand voice and tone to help you find the words your audiences are waiting to hear
  • Website content review and recommendations so your website is working for your business
  • Content planning sessions for social media, email marketing, and blogs 
  • Guidance on what social media channels to use, how often to publish content, and how to best engage your audience (are hashtags really worth it?)
  • Website search engine optimization recommendations so your business is discoverable by your niche audience

Feeling ready for big growth and deep exploration?

We’ll be with you every step of the way, supporting you, helping you explore your big ideas and shifting the way you market your business. 

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What our coaching clients say

The push I needed and the advice I needed to move in a new direction with my social strategy.

Emily Amos, Founder



More of what we offer:

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Online Marketing Training

Ready to upskill your internal team with custom workshops?

Topics range from content accessibility to LinkedIn strategy to social media marketing to blogging and SEO.

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Social Media Strategy

Whether you’re building a new social media program or looking to make changes to your existing strategy, let us be your “outside eyes” to give you a new perspective on engaging your audiences, supporting staff and designing for dialogue.